Our Services

Our engineering services focus on the practical implementation of your electrical systems, ensuring that they are built to meet your standards of quality and safety. Experienced team of engineers is dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that meet the specific needs of your vessel. We can provide comprehensive engineering services that cover everything from concept design to installation, testing, and commissioning.

Project management

Design and Engineering 

Ship systems integration 

– Defining the scope of work
– Planning and initiation
– Progress tracking
– Interdisciplinary coordination
– Project finalisation

– Main and Emergency distribution syst.
– Automation systems 
– Navigation and communication syst.
– Arrangements and layouts 
– Safety systems 
– Other 

– Coordination with client
– Coordination between disciplines
– Close communication
– Retrofits integration

RFQ specifications

Electrical Documentation delivery

Engineering site support

– Offers evaluation
– Supplier coordination

– Diagrams
– Arrangements 
– Lists and layouts 
– Termination diagrams, lists 

– On site supervision 
– Inspections 
– Arrangement with suppliers 


Specifications, manuals, descriptions 

Class regulations

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